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Research networks- essential support for rural community’s renaissance and engagement engine of actors into constructive actions, dialogue and decision making.

Duration: 01.08.2006-30.11.2007

Project’s Director: Prof.univ.dr. Gabriel POPESCU
e-mail: popescug2004@yahoo.co.uk

Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest-Research Centre of Regional Analysis And Policies - RCRAP

Institute of Agricultural Economics (IEA)- Romanian Academy  Partner II
Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development (ICEADR) Partner III

Project’s value: 166.500 RON
The project “Research networks- essential support for rural community’s renaissance and engagement engine of actors into constructive actions, dialogue and decision making” aims to improve the integration rate and involvement rate of CDI units from Romania, with activities in agricultural policies and rural development, within those research European projects from the same area. The project’s propose will be targeted through out some actions which will investigate the nowadays situation of the research networks in Romania, and its support and image improvement, and concomitantly the strengthening of the partnership with the same networks from European Union. These actions will have a positive influence above the economical and social aspect of the Romanian rural environment, targeting its combination towards the European integration. Their implementation has as a support the know-how transfer, thus the already storage experience as a result from the collaboration’s achievements. Also, is attending to have collaboration with European partners from agricultural policies branch and rural development, through out common project within the FP7. At the end is aiming to extend the gathered results until the present moment, through an approach that has to answer to rural renaissance principals.

Main Objectives
Objective 1 (year 2006) - Acquaintance of the synergy between CDI units and rural development policies.

Results Phase I (01.08.2006 -31.12.2006)

Analysis of the scientific research stage and the technologic development, the growth of research, develop and innovation units from Romania and UE.
Analysis of the links framework between the academic environment, research and business environment.
Analysis of the Romanian rural area and the rural development policies.
Analysis of the rural research network and the establishment of the informational flux.

This first phase of the project generated the opportunity to begin familiar with the national and European research networking stage, and the integration rate of research rural environment. At the same time, generated, the design of the first informational connection empirical pattern, which shall support the establishment and development of an national rural research network.

Objective 2 (year 2007) - The exchange experience regarding the scientific research of rural development area between CDI units with preoccupation within these branches from European Member states (Great Britain, Netherlands) and those from Romania.

Objective 3 (year 2007) - Establishment of research networks at the Romanian CDI level and their connection to the already existing European and international research networks.

Phase II 2007 (01.01.2007-30.06.2007)

Objective:  Presentation of networking success projects between different universities, research institutes and beneficiaries
Activity: Organization of official round table with representatives of local authorities, research institutes, farmers. 

Objective:  Consolidation of identified research networks.
Activities: Strengthen actions of research networks.
Study visits to foreign partners, exchange experience and results within research networks domain.

Results: Work Visit in U.K - 21.04.07-24.04.2007.
              Round Table organized on 19th of May 2007.